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Latest News

Smart city

Registration is now open: Toward 2030: From Climate Policy to Climate Action

September 9, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Climate adaptation, Green buildings, New York, Renewable energy, Smart city, Urban planning

Toward 2030: From Climate Policy to Climate Action is a unique transatlantic event, which aims to create a space for cleantech leaders to discuss climate change action – from the national to the local level – in creating a more resilient and green economy with a focus on business opportunities and job creation potential. Instead of simply reinventing an outdated economic model, countries, cities, and companies must look towards green recovery strategies to create sustainable growth that is beneficial for the climate, the economy, and our health.

With the UN General Assembly as the backdrop, the event convenes clean economy leaders from the private sector national governments, cities, financial institutions, and civil society. Take part in the virtual event together with progressive American and Danish peers, with speakers such as:

  • Andrew Kessler, President, NY Green Bank
  • Dan Egan, Vice President, Vornado Realty Trust
  • Danielle Merfeld, VP and CTO, Generel Electric (GE)
  • Doreen Harris, CEO and President, NYSERDA
  • Finn Mortensen, Executive Director, State of Green
  • John Galyen, President, Danfoss North America
  • John Lochner, VP Innovation, NYSERDA
  • Lars Sandahl Sørensen, CEO and Director General, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Rory Moss, President, ROCKWOOL North America
  • Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO, PensionDanmark

Climate Week New York is an opportunity for climate experts, political decision-makers and industry leaders to discuss the road to a green and sustainable transition and by joining forces, Danish Cleantech Hub, NYSERDA and State of Green provide a platform, for the participants to share insights across sectors on how to proceed and ensure a green, sustainable transition through partnerships.

Register for the event and find more information about the program HERE.


Suncil – A growing leader in delivering sustainable solar powered street lighting

June 2, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / New York, Smart city, Urban planning

Rising populations, aging infrastructure, and climate change pose serious challenges for cities across the world. With 70 percent of cities already dealing with the effects of climate change, and a projected 68 percent of the world projected to be living in cities by 2050, smart cities and urban technologies are essential investments for a sustainable and equitable urban future.

One company that can provide smart city technology is Suncil.

Suncil is a Danish producer of solar powered street lighting and solar column solutions, which includes standalone solar powered luminaire that provides light throughout the night, regardless of the previous days’ weather conditions. Their innovative lighting technology, aesthetically pleasing product design and their aim for the best possible solutions – for both their customers and for their planet, has made Suncil a growing leader in delivering sustainable solar powered street lighting.

Suncil has recently been acquired by MAKEEN Energy, and this has created an increase in production capacity and reduced distribution time. Due to this acquisition, Suncil is now seeking new business opportunities in the US.

To gain a better understanding of the American market, Suncil has reached out to Danish Cleantech Hub, the American lead in the Access Cities project, to seek consultancy on possible company growth and market expansion strategy.

Due to Suncil’s product, the analytical scope will be focused on the “sunshine” states California, Nevada and Florida. Here, Danish Cleantech Hub will provide an overview of which approvals and jurisdictions the products must fulfil within the different states.

For more information on the Suncil case, or how Access Cities can help your company do business in New York, please contact Danish Cleantech Hub.

Interested in exploring the market opportunities for smart city technologies? Download our smart city roadmap HERE.

Clean the Air We Breathe With Photocat

June 2, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Climate adaptation, New York, Smart city

A Danish company like no other

Photocat is a Danish company founded in 2009 and has a product like no other.

What separates Photocat from other companies is their unique solution, NOxOff, that can help clean the air we breathe. NOxOFF is a specially formulated coating for concrete, bitumen roofing, and asphalt road surfaces. It is a cost effective TiO2 based photocatalytic product. Activated by natural sunlight and cleaned by the rain, giving us clean air to breathe. NOx particles are turned into nitrate, helping fertilize the soil.

This has resulted in several projects in Europe where their product is easily implemented and can help clean the air in populated areas, and thus, improve the quality of life for citizens.

While Photocat has been active in Europe for years their next goal is the American market.

Leading the way into the American market

To gain insight into the American market, Photocat partnered up with the Access Cities project. Here, Danish Cleantech Hub New York, the American lead in the Access cities project, provided Photocat with an analysis of relevant partners and stakeholders in North America with a particular focus on New York State. The intention of the analysis was to create a basis for decision making regarding expanding business activities in the US.

To ensure that the potential partners were identified from the right set of criteria, Danish Cleantech Hub created a segmentation process where the reviewed partners of interest were rated on five parameters based on the companies’ self-perception and how they market themselves.

The partner analysis resulted in an identification of 30 potential partners in the US, whereof 12 companies were identified as tier 1 and 18 companies as tier 2.

In the stakeholder analysis, Photocat received an overview of public stakeholders in New York. The aim of the analysis was to provide Photocat with tools and knowledge of how, and whom, they should target in the New York market. The analysis led to an overview of three public stakeholders, which could have a high interest and high influence regarding Photocat and their products.

Conclusively, the conducted analysis has provided Photocat insight into potential partners in the US and public stakeholders in New York state, that they should know of. Thus, Danish Cleantech Hub were able to come with suggestions and strategic considerations for Photocat that could help Photocat in making a strategic choice in their potential US entry.

For more information on the Photocat case, or how Access Cities can help your company do business in New York, please contact Danish Cleantech Hub.

Danish Companies Meet US Stakeholders in NYC Smart Lighting Event

January 26, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / New York, Smart city

Urban Challenges

Rising populations, aging infrastructure, and climate change pose serious challenges for cities across the world. With 70 percent of cities already dealing with the effects of climate change, and a projected 68 percent of the world projected to be living in cities by 2050, smart cities and urban technologies are essential investments for a sustainable and equitable urban future.

Cities have already become testbeds for new and disruptive technologies, and are committed to building inclusive economies, attracting great talent, and increasing citizens’ quality of life.

Solving tomorrow’s challenges today

NYC has some of the largest infrastructure systems in the world, including public transit, water, waste, and telecommunications. The rapid development creates new market opportunities for companies worldwide, as the city search for the best smart solutions to improve multiple aspects of the quality of life.

During fall, the Danish Cleantech Hub in New York teamed up with Gate 21 and a group of challenge owners consisting of the International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD), the VOREA Group (VOREA) and Long Island City Partnership (LICP) to solve tomorrow’s challenges faster through the international project, Access Cities.

Developing holistic solutions

Financed by the Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate 21 facilitated a workshop and gathered eight Danish companies to work with common challenges across based on the 12th Street challenge submitted by NTD, VOREA and LICP with the goal of developing holistic, well-tested and innovative solutions.

Read more about the 12th Street Challenge HERE.

Accelerating knowledge sharing

On November 30th 2020 six Danish companies Ocutune, Out-Sider, Felicity Smart Infrastructure, Photocat, DanIntra and Novalume pitched their solutions at the virtual pitch event in front of the challenge owners and more than 20 public and private New York actors. The pitch event was a unique opportunity for Danes and Americans to join forces and share knowledge and expertise within smart city solutions of the future.

The event can be watched HERE.

About Access Cities

Access Cities is an international, public-private project, which aims to strengthen sustainable urban development in five project cities: New York City, Singapore, Munich and the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. The project connects actors working with sustainable urban development in the pursuit of game-changing solutions to common issues confronting cities.

About the organizers

Danish Cleantech Hub

Danish Cleantech Hub is an international public-private partnership. The founding partners are The Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green. Danish Cleantech Hub work with a variety of partners including public agencies, private business, universities, and NGOs in order to tell New York the story of the green transition of Denmark.

Gate 21

Gate 21 is a partnership network that can deliver on the goal of being a green leader in energy conversion, green mobility, the circular economy and green digital solutions. Gate 21 test green solutions, based on public demand, which can be scaled and spread across the whole country – for inspiration to the rest of the world.

New York Sets the Bar with Their New 2021 Agenda ‘Reimagine – Rebuild – Renew’

January 19, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Circular economy, Climate adaptation, Green buildings, New York, Renewable energy, Smart city, Urban planning, Urban water


Last week Governor Cuomo announced the 2021 agenda ‘Reimagine-Rebuild-Renew’ for New York. In the light of Covid-19, New York is facing critical issues that calls for action. During the State of the State Address 2021 Governor Cuomo announced that New York is now taking a bold move facing the climate crisis.

With their 2021 agenda, New York is paving its way with ambitious proposals and investments within the green energy economy. Among other things, the agenda features initiatives which focus on creating the largest offshore wind program in the US, make New York State a global wind energy manufacturing powerhouse, and create a green energy transmission superhighway. This will not only be rewarding for New Yorkers, but it will also support communities and small businesses.

In a statement from Governor Cuomo, it is stated: “Green energy is a pressing moral imperative and a prime economic opportunity. New York can and will be the nation’s leader for renewable energy innovation and production, all while securing jobs of the future for New Yorkers. Our entire green energy program will create a total 12,400 megawatts of green energy to power 6 million homes, directly create more than 50,000 jobs, and spur $29 billion in private investment all across the state.”

The proposals include public-private partnerships to build nearly 100 renewable energy projects, construction of New York’s green energy transmission superhighway, development and deployment of energy storage and investments in training New Yorkers for jobs in the wind and renewable energy sector.

By investing in a green economic recovery, New York is truly setting their steppingstones for becoming a green, sustainable city in the after shakes of Covid-19. With their new 2021 agenda, it will create demand for the most well-innovated green energy solutions across nations, and thus open new doors for companies within the green energy economy.

Read more on the 2021 agenda ‘Reimagine-Rebuild-Renew’ HERE.

Green X Growth – Building a Green Future together!

January 15, 2021 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Circular economy, Climate adaptation, Green buildings, New York, Renewable energy, Smart city

President-elect Biden & Vice President-elect Harris

On behalf of Denmark’s green industries and green tech companies, we applaud your ambition for transitioning your country towards a carbon-neutral future. It’s a bold task.

With over 40 years of experience in transitioning societies towards climate neutrality, we know what it takes. We have the solutions, the data, and the knowledge needed in order to fight climate change while creating thousands of jobs and accelerating economic growth. We have created results contributing to a greener American economy while generating thousands of American green jobs.

Lets unite and make it happen. Lets build a green future together. We are happy to take part in supporting a greener America.


Haldor Topsøe, Grundfos, Rambøll, Semco Maritime, Siemens Gamesa, CiP, COWI, Kamstrup, Confederation of Danish Industry.


Read more about Danish Cleantech Hub HERE.

The New York Smart City Roadmap Is Now Available For Download

October 1, 2020 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / New York, Smart city


For the past 10 years, NYC has been a leader when it comes to smart city technology and with the aim to be an equitable city, it has developed a set of ambitious targets for the city as well as smart city projects in collaboration with residents and companies.

One of the largest developments can be found within smart lighting. Investments such as: 500K street lights to be replaced in NYC by smart LED lights by 2025, $7.5M in funding for Smart Street Lighting NYC and $104.1B NYC citywide investments planned between 2020-2029, create a demand for the best, well-tested and innovative solutions.

The US can sometimes appear very complex for foreign companies to enter, but with the new Smart City roadmap, Access Cities and Danish Cleantech Hub New York aim to provide a transparent and easy-to-read guide and overview to foreign smart city solution providers.

Among many things, the roadmap includes an overview of:

  • Top 3 Smart City Trends
  • Top 5 US Smart Cities to keep an eye on
  • New York City’s Smart City visions
  • An overview of must-know New York City customers
  • Tips and trick to entry New York City faster
  • …. and even more



One way of understanding a market potential for foreign companies, is to identify a local challenge within a city. The idea behind participating in a local challenge is to fast track companies’ market entry by applying specific solutions to solve the challenges in collaboration with private developers, City agencies and so on.

If you are a Danish start-up or SME, you are invited to join Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate 21s new challenge program.


Join the NYC Smart Lighting Challenge! Danish Cleantech Hub in New York and Gate 21 have teamed up with a challenge owner in NYC (International Nighttime Design Initiative, VOREA Group and Long Island City Partnership) and are now looking for participants to join the program, which includes participation in a solution workshop in Copenhagen and a virtual pitch finale, where the participants gets an opportunity to pitch their solution towards a panel of NYC public and private purchasers.

The program is developed for Danish companies that produces smart intelligent outdoor light components and producers of Smart City solutions and participation is FREE.

Seats are limited. Register for the program here


Climate Week NYC: Denmark and New York will Build Back Greener

September 25, 2020 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Climate adaptation, Green buildings, New York, Renewable energy, Smart city

Green recovery strategies will create sustainable growth

During Climate Week NYC 2020, high-level speakers from both sides of the Atlantic gathered to discuss green recovery and public-private commitment to the advanced green transition and the speakers were invited to rethink partnerships as a vehicle to accelerate the green transition and growth. With more than 1000 registered participants, moderated by Connie Hedegaard, chairman for CONCITO, speakers discussed topics such as partnerships as a way to support innovation, growth and job creation and as a way to spur investments in sustainability.

Among the speakers were Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen and Lieutenant Governor of New York State Kathy Hochul, and they agreed on the level of ambition towards the green transition by underlining the commitments by Denmark and New York State.

“We continue to continue pursuing our climate policies. We are not wavering. We understand the threat of climate change – and we’re doing something about it, building back greener, investing heavily in renewable energy, etc.” Lieutenant Governor of New York State Kathy Hochul

“We are firmly committed that we will get through the Covid-19 crisis. The climate crisis has a more permanent character, requiring fundamental societal changes”, Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities

Global frontrunners

Denmark and New York are both global frontrunners in the green transition. Denmark has been on a green road since the 70’s and New York established itself as a global beacon in the field with their commitment to the Paris Agreement, when President Trump announced his plan for the United States to exit the agreement in 2017. Many similarities can be found between Denmark and New York and they provide an opportunity to increase collaboration further and increase private sector involvement to accelerate innovation and the green transition.

While Covid-19 has created high instability, both social and economically world-wide, it is time to involve, and rethink structure of society and methods to overcome the impact of Covid-19 while pursuing a green recovery. Ali Zaidi, Deputy Secretary to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and Chairman of Climate Policy and Finance states:

“The more we build things together with everybody at the table, the more we will reinforce our collective climate change mitigation efforts”

Public-private partnerships as a vehicle for combatting climate change

Green and sustainable transition is discussed across New York during the Climate Week and companies are an essential part of the solution. Green knowhow is very sought-after and the climate week is a unique platform for Danish companies because sustainable cities start with sustainable solutions. Many Danish companies have cracked the code for how solutions can be adapted and scaled in new markets, with a focus on tailoring solutions to a city’s specific needs.

“By now it’s clear there’s no silver bullet solution to accelerating the green transition. It requires playing on the full keyboard of climate actions.  What role do partnerships play in such circumstances? What are the most important components to mainstream innovative green technologies or in finding new ways of attacking the challenge?”, Jens Birgersson, President and CEO, ROCKWOOL International

Did you miss the event?

It’s not too late! Read more about the event and speakers here.

Or watch the virtual event Build Back Greener: Principles for Kickstarting the Sustainable Transition through Partnerships here.

Smart City and Lighting Solution Providers: Interested in the US Market? Help Solve a NYC Smart Lighting Challenge

September 24, 2020 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / New York, Smart city, Urban planning


New York and its municipalities are on a mission to improve public services through the installation of Intelligent outdoor light as part of the “Smart Street Lighting NY” program. It has created an opportunity for Danish startups and SMEs to demonstrate coherent and solid multifunctional intelligent LED light solutions. Solutions, that are not only energy efficient, but also improves connectivity, public health and safety. So, are you a Danish based Lighting company, or maybe you produce the new smart application that New York’s municipalities need to hear about? Then this challenge program might be something for you!


To solve the challenge – the Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate21 have developed a program for Danish SMEs to encourage participation in solving the challenge. The program is a unique opportunity for you, to explore a new market and gain insights about potential partners, buyers and local market opportunities. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to pitch your solutions directly to the challenge owner, as well as other American public and private purchasers based on NYC.

The program is divided into two parts:
1) A day where we learn more about how to access the American lighting and Smart City-market, followed by a solution workshop to prepare for the pitch finale
2) A day with the opportunity to pitch your solution to a panel consisting of the challenge owners and other American public and private purchasers based on NYC.

Check out the program of the solution workshop day and the pitch finale HERE.


The challenge has been submitted by The VOREA Group, Long Island City Partnership and the International Nighttime Design Initiative and the goal is to turn the Campus at 12th street in Long Island City (NYC) into a viable and vibrant neighborhood hub for the community. With strategic implementation of smart lighting systems, that bring people together, the Campus at 12th Street is primed to be an iconic destination for Long Island City and across the five boroughs. Among others, the challenge owners wish to:

  • Attract customers to retail and hospitality offerings at night
  • Connectivity of campus
  • Safe outdoor space for community during COVID-19
  • Increase activity on sidewalks
  • Better street lighting

The challenge owners ask solution providers to propose two living lab themes within their pitch: 1) a showcase of best practice public lighting – beyond the street pole Lumiere typical and 2) facilitate community-based research such as surveys, interviews, quantitative counts etc., to understand how visitors can be attracted both new and old, how to attract new tenants and much more.

Through out the next week, Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate21 will collaborate with the challenge owners to prepare the challenge for the solution workshop day where it will be presented.


Participation in the program is free and developed for Danish SMEs that produce smart outdoor lighting components and producers of smart city solutions.

Register HERE or reach out to Mille Munksgaard from Danish Cleantech Hub at mimu@di.dk or Maja Yhde from Gate21 at maja.yhde@gate21.dk if you have any questions.



Seeking Smart Lighting Challenge Owners in NYC

September 9, 2020 / Posted by Tone SøndergaardTone Søndergaard / Climate adaptation, New York, Smart city

What we are looking for:

Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate21 are seeking NYC based actors, who are interested in innovative smart city solutions related to smart lighting. Challenge owners can be public agencies, building owners or developers, architects, engineering business, management companies etc. Essentially anyone involved in designing, suppling, developing or managing smart city technologies across the City.

The challenge itself can take many forms. For instance, you could have a space, a process or a design where smart lighting solutions could be applicable. Do not be afraid to be creative!

Why we do it:

Cities worldwide are increasingly realizing that urban lighting can provide solutions to overcome major challenges facing our societies such as environmental footprint, lacking digital infrastructures, increased costs and public well-being and safety. Many questions remain open for Cities that seek to develop forward-thinking lighting strategies, as they look for solutions to create the best Cities. The arrival of new technologies to the market, as well as the smart potentials lighting can now offer, triggers new questions to which Cities need solid and reliable answers, and well-tested solutions.

The challenge program:

Danish Cleantech Hub and Gate21 have developed a NYC Smart Lighting Challenge Program to connect NYC challenge owners with Danish smart lighting solutions. The program is a pilot, to test how open international challenge calls can be accelerated to inspire actors in the field and to come up with the best and most innovative solutions. The challenge program is divided into three steps:

  1. Launch of challenge and program at the Nordic Edge conference on September 23th 2020.
  2. Solution workshop in Denmark with participating Danish SMEs on November 4th 2020.
  3. Pitch finale on November 23th 2020 (date TBC)

Your commitment:

We expect all participants to be excited about smart lighting solutions. Participation in the call is free to challenge owners and the time consumption is expected to be approximately three hours in total including Q&A session to define challenge in detail with the facilitators (approx. 2 hours) and participation in the virtual pitch finale (one hour).

If you do not have a specific challenge, we welcome panelists in the panel for the pitch finale. Please send an email to Mille Munksgaard at mimu@di.dk to participate as a panelist.

Get involved:

Do you have a challenge or site that can be used for the program or do you want to register as a panelist? Send an email to Mille Munksgaard, mimu@di.dk today! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Deadline for submitting a challenge is September 16th 2020.