A list of external and internal media coverage on the Danish Cleantech Hub.

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Latest News


Latest News

Urban water

Danish Water Tech Eyes the US Market

February 2, 2018 / Posted by adminadmin / New York, Urban water

In an effort to channel these industry-leading technologies into global market opportunities, the Confederation of Danish Industry recently released a global water analysis.

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Danish Cleantech Hub to Talk at Affairs Global Vision | Urban Action series

June 12, 2017 / Posted by adminadmin / Climate adaptation, New York, Urban water

As the only international partner, DCH was invited as an example on how NYC is collaborating internationally on climate adaptation through public-private partnerships. Speaking on the topic of “Addressing Climate Change Through Urban Infrastructure: Water Management as a Model”, DCH spoke on the ongoing collaboration between the City of Copenhagen and NYC on Cloudburst Management and the integration of blue and green infrastructure in the urban landscape.

The backdrop for the event was the one-year anniversary of NYC’s climate adaptation / development plan, OneNYC, and how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are being translated and embraced by cities and nations, with a specific focus on public-private partnerships as a key driver.