A list of external and internal media coverage on the Danish Cleantech Hub.

Latest activities


Latest activities

What we do

For Danish partners

We support the visibility and commercialization of Danish cleantech solutions in Gujarat.

Gujarat-Denmark Water Hub provides the local platform and strong network necessary to bring Danish solutions into play in Gujarat through matchmaking with local partners and a joint promotion of quality solutions and the Danish sustainable model.

For Gujarat partners

We enable companies and organizations from Gujarat to tap into Danish city governments- and companies’ know-how and solutions.

Gujarat-Denmark Water Hub engages with public and private Gujarati stakeholders interested in learning from the Danish experiences. We provide a forum for informational exchange on new approaches and solutions within energy efficiency, climate adaptation and resiliency.

How we work

Public – private collaboration

Gujarat-Denmark Water Hub is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership. We work with organizations from both the private and public sector in Denmark and Gujarat. By working closely with key Gujarati stakeholders and decision-makers, we provide the platform and strong network necessary for promoting Danish solutions. We seek to contribute to solving Gujarat’s water challenges by sharing the Danish experiences with relevant local counterparts. Danish solutions can provide many valuable inputs to Gujarat’s current situation if they are properly adapted to local conditions.

Our main activities are conferences, workshops and seminars in Gujarat and Denmark with the  purpose of marking our presence and increase the awareness of Danish water technologies. We also work with Danish cities and universities to engage public partners to be part of the holistic story about how Denmark has dealt with its water challenges. In short, Gujarat-Denmark Water Hub is a significant platform seeking to bring Danish solutions into play to help alleviate the water challenges in Gujarat.