A list of external and internal media coverage on the Danish Cleantech Hub.

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Latest News

The Partnership

The Partnership Structure

Danish Cleantech Hub offers our partners 4 different types of partnership. Each partnership type provides our partners with different levels of access to our services, events and activities. In addition to our partnerships, we also offer a separate set of establishment services.

The Premium Partnership is the partnership for an industry leader. It offers nigh limitless participation in Danish Cleantech Hub activities and as such weaves the partner into the fabric of the Danish narrative as a global pioneer of green transition.

The Standard Partnership is ideal for medium to large corporations that have identified the US as a strategically important market and wish to further consolidate their presence. Actively participating in events and activities provides corporate visibility, and a place in the holistic story of Denmark’s green transition.

The Project Partnership runs the course of a given project and as such is not time specific. This partnership is well suited for the needs of smaller corporations considering entering the US market or consolidating a new business venture through visibility, partner meetings, network development etc.

Explore Our Services

Regardless of the partnership chosen, Danish Cleantech Hub offers a variety of services. This ensures a flexible yet clear vision for any partner of the platform. Click any service below for examples.