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Nordic Metals – exploring the US market

Nordic Metals – exploring the US market

June 8, 2021

Read about how Danish Cleantech Hub have helped Nordic Metals (Nordisk Staal) through the Access Cities program.

Read about how Danish Cleantech Hub have helped Nordic Metals (Nordisk Staal) through the Access Cities program.

Nordic Metals

Nordic Metals is a Danish company producing high-quality metal powder for additive manufacturing and 3D printing of recycled materials. Nordic Metals (also known as Nordisk Staal) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have developed a new set of high-quality metal powders of recycled material. Using new production methods, Nordic Metals extends the lifecycle of metals, allowing the metal to be reused again and again without compromising the high quality.

Nordic Metals’ circular ecosystem of steel has already gained much attention. However, Nordic Metals’ business has primarily been in Europe, but now the US market is calling.

Exploring the US market and access to key stakeholders

For Nordic Metals, the US is a new and unexplored market. As with any new market, the potential is uncertain and complex. To comply with this complexity, the Access Cities program has helped Nordic Metals identify potential key stakeholders, which can help clarify the potential of the US market and smooth the transition into the market.

Danish Cleantech Hub, the New York lead on the Access Cities program, has helped Nordic Metals explore the potential and the US market through identification and access to key stakeholders. The program gives Nordic Metals a thorough understanding of and access to key stakeholders in the market.

The conducted analysis has provided Nordic Metals with insight into key stakeholders in the US, and the opportunity to directly interact with these key stakeholders on topics relevant to their market entry. The key stakeholders that Nordic Metals got in contact with includes US Metal Powder Industries Federation, US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center, Penn State University, and America Makes. Thus, Danish Cleantech Hub provided exclusive access to key stakeholders and insight for Nordic Metals that support Nordic Metals in making a strategic choice regarding their potential US market entry.

For more information on the Nordic Metals case or how Access Cities can help your company do business in New York, please contact Danish Cleantech Hub.