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Our approach

Danish Cleantech Hub co-operates with three groups of local stakeholders: authorities, influencers and sales channels. A well-coordinated working relationship between all the involved stakeholders is essential to making a real impact.

Local authorities are public decision-makers responsible for city planning. The purpose of co-operating with local authorities is to access public procurement agencies and to establish channels for continuous relationship-building.

Local influencers are institutions and persons with influence on sustainable city development as well as climate/energy related decisions. Examples are design institutes, universities, opinion-makers, media, NGOs and community groups. The purpose of co-operating with local influencers is to create awareness about new procedures and technologies related to green urban transition.

Local sales channels consist of the companies that win local contracts and public tenders on sustainable urban development. Examples are developers, utilities and technical consultants. The purpose of co-operating with local sales channels is to position Danish sub-suppliers for projects with a local main contract.

For Danish partners

For Danish Partners

For American partners

For American Partners

Our principle initatives

Our principle initiatives

Our value proposition

Danish Cleantech Hub is deeply embedded in the New York cleantech ecosystem, which enables us to provide our Danish and American partners with in-depth knowledge and detailed market updates. By positioning our partners as industry leaders, Danish Cleantech Hub can be a central collaborative partner in the development of new transatlantic partnerships between Denmark and the US. The US is renowned for its ability to foster innovation, provide a testing ground and financing for new technologies, and its entrepreneurial tradition. Danish Cleantech Hub assists our partners with tapping into these environments and thus enable partners to be at the forefront of creating new innovative solutions.

What we do

Danish Cleantech Hub organizes high-level conferences, events, customized fact-finding tours, collaboration agreements, and workshops to create awareness of Danish cleantech solutions. By engaging Danish cities and municipalities as public partners and companies, the Danish Cleantech Hub inspires US counterparts to look to Denmark for all cleantech needs.

Our work

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Our work