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Why cleantech in the US?

 Like most places in the world, States and Cities across the US face various challenges in regards to climate change, clean energy and urbanization. The challenges continuously require States and Cities to rethink current approaches on how to come up with sustainable solutions. Throughout the past ten years, many States and Cities have adopted a wide range of different policy plans, initiatives and economic commitments to prepare for the future and to bolster resiliency and sustainability.

Be part of the green Danish narrative

We see company-specific know-how, technologies and services as part of an integrated solution and the larger narrative about the Danish transition towards a green economy. By making Danish solutions part of a holistic and well-tested case from Denmark, our Danish partners gain credibility and are able to take part in the public-private knowledge sharing and collaboration across the Atlantic.

By working closely with key US stakeholders and decision-makers, we provide the local platform and strong network necessary for bringing Danish solutions into play in the US.

Our services

Danish Cleantech Hub offers a variety of services. This ensures a flexible yet clear vision for any partner of the platform.

Our services