A list of external and internal media coverage on the Danish Cleantech Hub.

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Latest News

About us

Connecting New York with Danish Cleantech Solutions and Expertise

Danish Cleantech Hub is a public-private partnership, led by the confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green. We support the visibility and commercialization of Danish Cleantech solutions and expertise in New York, China & Germany.

What we do

For Danish Partners

We support the visibility and commercialization of Danish cleantech solutions in New York. Danish Cleantech Hub provides the local platform and strong network necessary to bringing Danish solutions into play in New York. We offer Danish companies an effective route to success in the US through matchmaking with local partners and a joint promotion of Danish solutions.

For American Partners

We enable US companies and organizations to tap into Danish city goverments know-how and solutions. Danish Cleantech Hub engages with public and private New York stakeholders interested in learning from the Danish experience. We provide a forum for informational exchange on new approaches and solutions within energy efficiency, climate adaptation and resiliency.

Our Focus Areas

focus areas

How We Work

Public - private collaboration

Danish Cleantech Hub is an international public-private partnership. The founding partners are The Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green.  We work with a variety of partners including public agencies, private business, universities, and NGOs in order to tell New York the story of the green transition of Denmark. Deeply integrated in the cleantech ecosystem of New York, Danish Cleantech Hub can provide a single point of entry for all cleantech related activities between Denmark and New York.

Activities and projects

Danish Cleantech Hub organizes high-level conferences, customized fact finding tours, collaboration agreements, and workshops to create awareness of Danish cleantech solutions. By engaging Danish cities and municipalities as public partners, the Danish Cleantech Hub inspires US counterparts to look to Denmark for all climate adaptation needs.

We also implement projects financed by foundations and public development programs. These are examples for the project sponsors we are working with.

Deep market integration

Danish Cleantech Hub is deeply integrated in our host markets and ecosystems. We create local initiatives that makes us integrated drivers of a city agenda, and which places us in the heart of local action.


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