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Circular economy

The Winner of the Build Back Circular Call is Barnard College

In November 2020, BLOXHUB and Danish Cleantech Hub forwarded the Build Back Circular Call. This week they could finally announce the winner of the call, Barnard College with their Circular Campus model.
By Danish Cleantech Hub |
12 July 2022

BLOXHUB and Danish Cleantech Hub has announced Barnard College as the winner of their Build Back Circular call. Barnard College has been selected from a group of New York companies and organizations for their project of rethinking campus living and creating the first circular campus in the US.

The aim of the circular campus is to create solutions based on circular principles that can reduce costs and emissions and transform consumption patterns on campus for the benefit of students.

Through the Build Back Circular call, Barnard College will now in collaboration with a cross-disciplinary team of Nordic pioneers receive the support needed to identify a circular campus model. The aim is to develop ideas and concept solutions that can ultimately be implemented at other schools and campuses.

Lotte Breengaard, Program Director, BLOXHUB states

“It is wonderful to work with such an interesting and bold challenge. We really look forward to kickstarting the innovation process with Barnard College and selected BLOXHUB companies to identify a circular campus model that can become a best practice with higher education”.

Learn more about the collaboration between BLOXHUB and Barnard College

During Circular City Week New York 2021, BLOXHUB and Barnard College will host a live webinar on their collaboration to co-create a circular campus strategy. The event will dive into why circularity is key to developing the university campus of the future and what the best practices for developing initiatives and strategies are.

Read more and register for the event

The Build Back Circular Call

The Build Back Circular call sought New-York based applicants, who are working on a project that could benefit from engaging in a circular co-creating process. The call was a unique opportunity for applicants to get a cross-disciplinary team of Nordic innovators to explore and develop solutions for a project with a circular economy lens.

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