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World Hydrogen Week is coming to Copenhagen

29 February 2024

Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Get a full overview on how hydrogen can produce green fuels for transport and industry, create value for electricity supply and the electricity grid, and deliver heat for district heating – provided the input is green energy.

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Photo credit: World Hydrogen Week 2023

On 30 September to 4 October, Denmark will open its gates to hydrogen experts from across the world as World Hydrogen Week comes to town. Striving to foster collaboration through in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, and presentations of cutting-edge technologies, World Hydrogen Week serves as a catalyst for driving the widespread adoption of clean hydrogen solutions.

Together with World Hydrogen Leaders, Danish Industry, and Green Power Denmark, State of Green will serve as host partner for the World Hydrogen Week at Bella Center in Copenhagen.

“State of Green is pleased to join forces with DI – Danish Industry, and Green Power Denmark in welcoming World Hydrogen Week to Copenhagen. As a great place for fostering industry collaborations and connecting like-minded partners, we look forward to welcoming international delegates and showcasing the latest Danish developments and projects. I am confident that the conference will serve as global inspiration on how to unlock the immense potential of the budding hydrogen sector,” says Finn Mortensen, Executive Director at State of Green.

World Hydrogen Week is anticipated to surpass 3500 attendees representing over 900 companies and spanning more than 50 countries.

Video credit: World Hydrogen Leaders

Showcasing the Danish potential for green hydrogen

Recent hydrogen auctions in Denmark have underscored the significant potential to produce cost-competitive renewable hydrogen with an expected price of 5 to 8 €/kg by 2025. Given Denmark’s position in low-cost hydrogen production, vast exporting opportunities, and key global hydrogen players headquartered in the country, Copenhagen is the ideal location for World Hydrogen Week this September.

“Denmark has a number of important strengths in green hydrogen, such as access to large amounts of green electricity in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, a number of forward-looking companies on both the demand and production side, a huge export market just south of Denmark, and a decision on a national hydrogen infrastructure that is hopefully just around the corner. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with World Hydrogen Leaders as experts from all over the world come to Copenhagen to make new connections in a sector with huge potentials,” say Jan Hylleberg, Deputy CEO, Green Power Denmark, and Troels Ranis, Managing Director, DI Dansk Industri.

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The World Hydrogen Week will include a comprehensive programme with more than 60 hours of insights from more than 350 speakers, including the return of World Hydrogen Derivatives, World Hydrogen Intelligence Day, and World Hydrogen Global Projects Summit, along with the 5th annual World Hydrogen Congress.

Read more about World Hydrogen Week at the official event page.

About World Hydrogen Week in Copenhagen

World Hydrogen Week is a premier event dedicated to advancing the global hydrogen economy. Through thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and showcases of cutting-edge technologies, World Hydrogen Week catalyses collaboration to drive the widespread adoption of clean hydrogen solutions.

Danish Industry, Green Power Denmark and State of Green will serve as host partners for the week together with organisers World Hydrogen Leaders.

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